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方便使用Lga775主機板上xeon 771cpu的網友,添加771 cpu的microcode

Here are download links to LGA775 motherboard , that i injected  stepping C0 、E0 、G0   771 microcode.
It can be used for
X54xxE54xxL54xx X52xx  、L52xx or ...(C0、E0、R0)  or other stepping G0  cpu(E53xxL53xxXeon 51xx or  ...).
If your own cpu is other stepping,you can e-mail to me. I will help you out to modify. 
How to identify cpu's stepping and cpuid correctly??>>>here
If you want to reduce bricked , please running flash either from within a dos environment or from within a bios own tools(ex : asus ezfash).
I don't like running flash bios in windows environment.  It might be bricked.

If you can, please donate some to support my webpage, thanks.


Could  someone tell me ,have you ever install a LGA771 processor on DELL Precision 390 ??

Does it boot normal or dead???




(Create a  dos bootable usb stick easily.)
  Samsung R610修改bios支援T7700
(Samsung R610 notebook to supports T7700)
  other successful case by 775 board install 771 cpu
  ECS P4M900T-M2 with L5408 ==>>@  
  MSI  Motherboard  Splash Screen Display and replace


  I havd tried to install 771 cpu on an acer m480's mainboard,it's name "mg43m" based on intel g43 chipset.
I test 5 series xeon(
e5405 and e5310) and 3 series xeon(x3363) on this board ,but unfortunately it can't boot normally ,i got a black screen and fail, even if i have try to update bios and micro code. So if someone has the same mainboard,please don't waste your work and time to try install 771 cpu on it.

On my above example ,i told you i've been tested Acer's machine m480 with xeon,its motherboard mg43m.
Then i got failure.
But user "
Zholud Andrii " told me he have tested e5410 on MG43M is work fine ,his machine name is ACER m480g and must be use ddr3 1066 memory to boot ,it can't use 1333 memory.
There are screenshot of MG43M with e5410.
@ @
If you wanna to get more information.
You can call
Zholud Andrii ,he is from Ukraine.
His mail :

  There are new micro code modification for x38 chipset and x48 chipset on ASUS region and GIGABYTE region.
  MS-7653 bios mod by user "Helumis==>>@         His mail :

IPM41-D3  with x5450  bios mod  ==>>@       |  Pegatron IPX41-D3(rev.1.02)   ==>>@      
  Lenovo M57 G31 chipset (G31T-LN/G31T-LM) AMI Bios download upgrade on Windows OS ,screenshot====>@
Lenovo M57 M57p
Q35 chipset (L-IQ35) Phoenix Bios  Dos Flash Package  ,,screenshot====>@
P4M890-M7  Bios download  screenshot====>@  @

They were modified from user transputer.    His mail :


Inspiron 545_a12  @   
G33M02      MS-7525          gateway zx6800        Acer EG31M     
Acer G41M07(Veriton M275)      Zotac nForce 630i-ITX WiFi         Zotac 9300-ITX        Zotac G43-ITX      
Acer G7700        HP DX2400       HP Pavilion p6110y      HP Pro 3000       
ECS P43T-A2 (V1.0)        ECS P45T-A (V1.0)       ECS P45T-A2R (V1.0)      ECS P45T-AD3 (V1.0A)      
gateway LX6810     gateway LX6820    gateway DX4820      ECS G31T-M (V1.0)     
HP G5310fr (H-iG41-uATX)             
Lenovo ThinkCentre M70e    Medion MS-7502      Medion MS-7633     Medion MS-7653       
eMachines ET1850_ET1851      Gateway One ZX6810        
Abit AB9 QuadGT ==>>@   Abit IP35 ==>>@   P5WDG2 WS PRO ==>>@        
P5W DH Deluxe ==>>@     SAMSUNG MCP73PV==>>@        
  MS-7633 REV 2.X      Modification  from user  deton24     His mail :
Packard Bell Imedia S1710      Packard Bell Imedia S3710      Packard Bell Imedia S3712       
Packard Bell Imedia M3710 & M5710      Packard Bell ixtreme M5720    Packard Bell G41M07 & G41D01          
Packard Bell Imedia S3720      Gateway dx4710 & dx2710          

Dell Vostro 420/220/220s        Dell Vostro 410       Dell Vostro 400           
Dell Inspiron 560       Dell Inspiron 530/530s      Dell Inspiron 518          
Dell Inspiron 535/535s      Dell Inspiron 545/545s            

Precision T3400(3 series xeon only)       XPS 430(3 series xeon only)     
  Dell optiplex series microcode mod collection====>click me
  Acer Veriton S678G         Dell Inspiron One 19         Acer Aspire z5610        Dell XPS 720   
    Dell XPS 630i         HP 500B(foxconn 2a8c mainboard)       HP Pro 2000         IPMEL-AE   
    ThinkCentre M70e, M60e         Dell Vostro 320   

Add new region shuttle   ,  Asus oem machine   Gigabyte Beta   Jetway  

Gigabyte asus msi asrock supermicro foxconn
J&W biostar dfi evga region have upgrade newer microcode.





Here is my new page " bios menu unlock "   ====> Here , if anyone have bios unlocked modifications that confirm work  ,you can send them to me and i will post them on this page , any bios type i accept ,maybe they would help some people who need this bios  mod  in the future , i think .  

Click below logo can fast link to motherboard manufacturer you need ,ex : You click Gigabyte logo it will fast link to Gigabyte area.


Please exploit "Ctrl+F" function to find motherboard name .











Intel  Chipset
P35 I35P-SG       HI03-Extreme    


G41 MI5-G41SGMD2    MI5-G41SGMD3   
NAF91R-G41C    NMF91-G41    TI41M   
G43 I43GA       I43GM1-HG    
G45 XBLUE-G45         BI-510    
P45 XBLUE-P45     BI-500    


HI04     HI04-GT_HI04-GTD    



Red dot mean that can't found any bios download link from offcial website.

Intel 3 Series
<G31> JW-IG31-MKII     JW-IG31-MX S3     


JW-IG31-CF JW-IG31-CFS    


JW-IP35-S     JW-IP35-PRO     


Intel 4 Series & NV Series
<G41> JW-IG41M-L3     JW-IG41M-HD3      


JW-IG41M-HD      JW-IG41-MKII      


JW-IP43-L3     JW-P43S-FUSION 



<P45> JW-P45PRO-FUSION    JW-P45D2-ULTRA    
<X48> JW-X48D2-EXTREME      
<NV Series> JW-IN7150-HD      JW-IN7100-HD      






  For example : P5QL-M EPU/CM5671/DP  was  Essentio CM5671  motherboard   ,   P5Q-EM DO/BM5265/BP  was  BM5265  motherboard  .
ASUS OEM Machine
Essentio CS5111    

Essentio CP5141   

Essentio CM5671   

Essentio CM5571    

Essentio CP5140   

Essentio CM5570   

Essentio CG5270    

Essentio CM5540   


















  The same color of motherboard it mean they use the same bios update ,so you only need to download last file link >> .
  Visiting site {} ,We can get an information that Supermicro X7SBE motherboard can work by x3363 (c0).
It mean intel 3210 chipset should be compatible with 3 series xeon(ex:x3363、x3353、x3323) ,so i inject 771 microcode onto bios.
Intel  Chipset


<P35 & G33>









<X38 & X48>


















Intel  Chipset
G31 SG31G2 (PCB1.2)     SG31G2 (PCB2.0)    

SG31G2 V2    

G33 SG33G5 SG33G5 PRO    


P35 SP35P2       SP35P2 PRO      
G41 SG41J1     SG41J1 PLUS


G45 SG45H7      
P45 SP45H7      
X38 & X48 SX38P2 PRO     SX48P2 E      








How to use Qflash to update bios click

Gigabyte Beta Bios(newer version than Gigabyte official website)

GA-965P-DS3 - F15c    



GA-EP35-DS3 - F5b    

GA-EP35-DS3L - F7a    

GA-EP35-DS3R - F5b     GA-EP35-DS4 - F7d     GA-EP35C-DS3R - F5b    
GA-P35-DQ6 - F10c     GA-P35-DS3 - F15d     GA-P35-DS3P - F13b    
GA-P35-DS3R - F14c     GA-P35-DS4 - F15a     GA-P35-S3G - F6c    
GA-P35C-DS3R - F13d     GA-P35T-DQ6 - F8a      

GA-EP43-DS3L - F9h    

<P45> GA-EP45-DQ6 - F13h     GA-EP45-DS3 - F10e    
GA-EP45-DS3L - F11c    

GA-EP45-DS3P - F9d     

GA-EP45-DS3R - F11i    

GA-EP45-DS4 - F10e     GA-EP45-DS5 - F13d     GA-EP45-Extreme - F9e    
GA-EP45-UD3 - F10c     GA-EP45-UD3P - F11d     GA-EP45-UD3R - F13e    
GA-EP45C-DS3R - F6d     GA-EP45T-Extreme - F5m    GA-EP45T-UD3P - F8l    
<x38> GA-EX38-DQ6 - F4d      GA-EX38-DS4 - F6d      
GA-EX38-DS5 - F5d      GA-EX38T-DQ6 - F5c      GA-X38-DQ6 - F9k     
GA-X38-DS4 - F4i      GA-X38-DS5 - F7i       
<x48> GA-X48-DQ6 - F8i       GA-X48-DS4 - F3d      

GA-X48-DS5 - F8h     

GA-X48T-DQ6 - F7b        


965 & 3 Series
<G31> GA-EG31MF-S2 (rev. 1.x)       GA-EG31MF-S2 (rev. 2.0)     
GA-EG31M-S2 (rev. 1.0)       GA-EG31M-S2 (rev. 2.0)       GA-G31M-ES2C (rev. 1.x) @     
GA-G31M-ES2C (rev. 2.x)         GA-G31M-ES2L (rev. 1.x) @      GA-G31M-ES2L (rev. 2.x) @     
GA-G31MF-S2 (rev. 2.0)      GA-G31M-S2C (rev. 1.x)       GA-G31M-S2L (rev. 1.X/2.0) @    
GA-G31MX-S2 (rev. 1.x)      GA-G31-S3G (rev. 1.0)       GA-G31-S3L (rev. 1.x)        
<G33> GA-G33-DS3R (rev. 1.x)         GA-G33M-DS2R (rev. 1.x)       
GA-G33M-S2 (rev. 1.x)         GA-G33M-S2H (rev. 1.x)         GA-G33M-S2L (rev. 1.0)        
<P31> GA-EP31-DS3L (rev. 1.0)      GA-EP31-DS3L (rev2.x)      
GA-P31-DS3L (rev. 1.x)@    GA-P31-ES3G (rev. 1.x)       GA-P31-S3G (rev. 1.0) @    
GA-P31-S3L (rev. 1.0)          
<P35> GA-EP35C-DS3R (rev. 2.1) @     GA-EP35-DS3 (rev. 2.1) @    
GA-EP35-DS3L (rev. 1.x)  @     GA-EP35-DS3P (rev. 2.1)       GA-EP35-DS3R (rev. 2.1) @    
GA-EP35-DS4 (rev. 2.1)       GA-P35C-DS3 (rev. 2.0)       GA-P35C-DS3R(rev2.x&1.x)      
GA-P35C-S3 (rev. 2.0 & 1.x)         GA-P35-DQ6 (rev. 1.x)       GA-P35-DS3 (rev2.x&1.0) @     
GA-P35-DS3L (rev.2.0&1.0)@     GA-P35-DS3P(rev2.x&1.x)   @      GA-P35-DS3R (rev. 2.x&1.0)  @   
GA-P35-DS4 (rev. 2.x & 1.x)         GA-P35-S3 (rev. 2.0 & 1.0)       GA-P35-S3G (rev. 1.0)      
GA-P35-S3L (rev. 2.0 & 1.0)         GA-P35T-DQ6 (rev. 1.x)        GA-P35T-DS3P (rev. 1.0)      
GA-P35T-DS4 (rev. 1.0)            


4 Series
<G41> GA-EP41-UD3L (rev. 1.x&3.3) @     GA-G41M-Combo (rev. 1.3) @    
GA-G41M-Combo (rev. 1.4)       GA-G41M-Combo (rev. 2.0)         GA-G41MT-S2PT (rev. 1.0)        
GA-G41MT-S2PT (rev. 1.1)      GA-G41MT-S2PT (rev. 2.0)         GA-G41MT-S2PT (rev. 2.1)        
GA-P41T-D3P (rev. 1.3)         GA-P41T-D3P (rev. 1.4 & 1.5)         GA-P41T-D3P (rev. 1.6)        
GA-G41MT-S2 (rev. 1.x)  @       GA-G41MT-S2 (rev. 2.1)   @        GA-EG41MFT-US2H (rev. 1.x)    
GA-G41MT-S2P (rev. 1.x)  @       GA-P41T-USB3L (rev. 1.x)         GA-G41MT-D3PT (rev. 1.3)        
GA-G41MT-D3V (rev. 1.3)         GA-G41MT-USB3 (rev. 1.3)         GA-EP41T-USB3 (rev. 1.3)      
GA-EP41T-USB3 (rev. 1.0)         GA-G41MT-D3P (rev. 1.3)         GA-P41-ES3G (rev. 1.x)        
GA-P41T-D3 (rev. 1.3 & 1.4)         GA-G41M-ES2L (rev. 1.x)  @      GA-EP41T-UD3L (rev. 1.x)        
GA-G41MT-D3 (rev. 1.3)  @     GA-G41MT-ES2L (rev. 1.x)         GA-EG41MF-US2H (rev. 1.x)      
GA-G41M-ES2H (rev. 1.x)         GA-P41T-ES3G (rev. 1.x)         GA-G41MT-ES2H (rev. 1.0)        
GA-EP41-US3L (rev. 1.0)         GA-EG41M-US2H (rev. 1.0)         GA-EG41MF-S2H (rev. 1.0)        
GA-EG41M-S2H (rev. 1.0)            
<G45> GA-EG45M-DS2H (rev. 1.0)       GA-EG45M-UD2H (rev. 1.0) @   
<P43> GA-EP43C-DS3 (rev. 1.0)         GA-EP43-DS3 (rev. 1.0)        
GA-EP43-DS3L (rev. 1.0) @     GA-EP43-DS3LR (rev. 1.0)         GA-EP43-DS3R (rev. 1.0)      
GA-EP43-S3L (rev. 1.0)   @     GA-EP43T-S3L (rev. 1.x)  @      GA-EP43T-UD3L (rev. 1.x)  @   
GA-EP43T-USB3 (rev2.0 &1.0)   GA-EP43-UD3L (rev. 1.x)         GA-EP43-US3L (rev. 1.x)  @     
GA-P43-ES3G (rev. 1.x)@       GA-P43T-ES3G (rev. 1.x)  @      
<P45> GA-EP45C-DS3R (rev. 1.0)        GA-EP45-DQ6 (rev. 1.0)        
GA-EP45-DS3 (rev. 1.0)         GA-EP45-DS3L (rev. 1.0)         GA-EP45-DS3LR (rev. 1.0) @     
GA-EP45-DS3R (rev. 1.0) @     GA-EP45-DS4P (rev. 1.0)         GA-EP45-EXTREME (rev. 1.0)    
  GA-EP45T-UD3LR (rev. 1.x) @     GA-EP45T-UD3R (rev. 1.0) @    
GA-EP45-UD3L (rev. 1.x) @      GA-EP45-UD3LR (rev. 1.x)  @      
GA-EP45-UD3R (rev. 1.x)  @     GA-P45T-ES3G (rev. 1.3)         GA-EP45-DS3P (rev. 1.0)      
GA-EP45C-DS3 (rev. 1.0)        GA-EP45T-UD3P (rev. 1.0)       GA-EP45-DS5 (rev. 1.0)        
GA-EP45-DS4 (rev. 1.0)         GA-EP45-UD3 (rev. 1.x)         GA-EP45T-DS3R (rev. 1.0)      
GA-EP45-UD3P (rev. 1.6)       GA-EP45-UD3P (rev. 1.x)   @      
GA-EP45T-DS3 (rev. 1.0)        GA-EP45T-EXTREME (rev. 1.0)  @     


NV Series
Geforce7050/nForce610i GA-73VM-S2 (rev. 1.0)        
Geforce7100/nForce630i GA-73PVM-S2 (rev. 1.0)       GA-73PVM-S2H (rev. 1.0)@  
Geforce7150/nForce630i GA-73UM-S2H (rev. 1.0)        

      GA-E7AUM-DS2H (rev. 1.0)  @      

nForce 650i SLI MCP GA-N650SLI-DS4 (rev. 1.0)     GA-N650SLI-DS4L (rev. 1.0)    
nForce 680i SLI MCP GA-N680SLI-DQ6 (rev. 1.0)     GA-N680SLI-DQ6 (rev. 2.0)      

  To visiting,we can know that EX38-DQ6 and X38T-DQ6(they're based on x38 chipset) can compatible with 3 series xeon.
In theory, all of GIGABYTE's x38 and x48 mainboards should be support 3 series xeon i thought,and i'm confirm
GA-X38-DQ6  can boot by a x3363.
Here is its screen shot of cpu-z.
So i special add this region. I hope it can help.
X38 & X48 chipset
<X38> GA-EX38T-DQ6 (rev. 1.1)         GA-EX38-DS5 (rev. 1.1)        
GA-EX38-DQ6 (rev. 1.1)         GA-EX38-DS4 (rev. 1.1)         GA-X38-DS4 (rev. 1.0)        

GA-X38T-DQ6 (rev. 1.x)          

GA-X38-DS5 (rev. 1.0)         GA-X38-DQ6 (rev. 1.0)        


GA-X48-DS4 (rev. 1.3)         GA-X48-DS5 (rev. 1.x)        

GA-X48T-DQ6 (rev. 1.1)        

GA-X48-DQ6 (rev. 1.1)          



965 & 3 Series
965 P5B   @       P5B-E      
P5B SE       P5B Premium       P5B Premium Vista Edition
P5B Deluxe/WiFi-AP  @ P5B Deluxe       P5B-Plus Vista Edition    
P5B-E Plus  @       Commando       P5B-Plus       


P5KPL-AM   @       P5KPL-AM EPU    

P5KPL/1600  @      

P5KPL/EPU       P5KPL-AM/PS      
P5KPL-C       P5KPL-CM/1600       P5KPL-CM      

P5KPL  @      

P5KPL-E       P5KPL-VM        
P5KPL-AM/BR     P5KPL-AM IN/GB       P5KPL-AM IN/ROEM/SI        
P5KPL IN/SI       P5KPL IPC/SI       P5KPL-AM SE   @        


P5KPL-AM IN       P5KPL SE         
P5G31D-M PRO       P5K-VM          


P5E-VM SE   @       P5E-VM  DO     
P5E-VM HDMI           


P5K/EPU   @           P5K  @          
P5K SE          P5KC  @               P5K-E      
P5K-V         P5KR       P5K PRO  @      
P5K SE/EPU         P5K-E/WIFI-AP   @     P5K WS      
P5K64 WS       P5K Deluxe/WiFi-AP       P5K Premium/WiFi-AP      
P5K3 Premium/WiFi-AP       P5K3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP        Blitz Formula      


4 Series
<G41> P5G41T-M LX   @       P5G41-M LX      
P5G41C-M LX       P5G41T-M       P5G41T-M LE      
P5G41T-M LX V2       P5G41T-M LX PLUS       P5G41T-M SI      
P5G41T-M LX2/GB/LPT       P5G41T-M LX2/GB  @       P5G41T-M LX2/BR      
P5G41-M       P5G41-M LE       P5G41TD-M PRO      
P5G41T-M/USB3       P5G41C-M       P5G41-M EVO      
P5G41T-M LX3  @       P5G41T-M LX3 PLUS       P5G41-M LX2/GB/LPT      
P5G41T-M LX2       P5G41-M LX2       P5G41-M LX2/GB      
P5G41-M SI/DVI   @       P5G41-M SI       P5P41T/USB3      
P5P41C       P5P41TD       P5P41T LE   @      
P5P41D        P5QPL-AM       P5QPL-VM EPU      


P5QL-EM   @     P5QL-VM EPU    
P5QL-VM DO     P5QL-CM   @     P5G43T-M PRO    


P5Q-EM   @       P5Q-EM DO       

P5Q-VM DO      

<P43> P5QL PRO  @       P5QL/EPU  @      
P5QL   @       P5QL-E       P5QL SE  @      
P5QLD PRO       P5P43T  @       P5P43TD  @      
P5P43TD PRO  @       P5P43TD/USB3           
<P45> P5Q Deluxe   @      P5Q Premium      
P5Q PRO Turbo       P5Q PRO   @       P5Q SE PLUS  @    
P5Q SE2   @       P5Q SE/R       P5Q SE   @      
P5Q Turbo   @       P5Q       P5Q-E       
P5Q-E/WiFi-AP       P5QC   @       P5QD Turbo      
P5Q WS       P5Q3       P5Q3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP      


NV Series
P5N73-CM       P5N73-AM       P5N72-T Premium      
P5N7A-VM       P5N64 WS Professional        P5N-MX      
P5N-D       P5N-EM HDMI   @       P5N-T Deluxe       
Striker II Formula       Striker II Extreme       Striker Extreme      
P5N-E SLI   @       P5NT WS   @       P5N32-E SLI   @      
Striker II NSE   @       P5N32-E SLI Plus        


  To visiting,we can know that ASUS Maximus Formula(it's based on x38 chipset) can compatiblewith  3 series xeon.
In theory,  all of ASUS's x38 and x48 mainboards should be support 3 series xeon i thought,so i special add this region.
I hope it can help.
(One user use my bios mod success on MAXIMUS FORMULA with x3363,but he say he had sold that mainboard,so i can't get screen shot)
X38 and X48 chipset
<X38> P5E       P5E3      
P5E3 Deluxe       P5E3 WS Professional   P5E64 WS Professional      


<X48> P5E Deluxe       P5E3 PRO      


P5E64 WS Evolution        



 It's using the identical bios ,which in the same color block.
Intel 3 Series
<P965> P965 Neo2 P965 Neo-F V2    

P965 Platinum    

<G31> G31TM-P21 G31TM-P25
G31TM-P31 G31TM-P35      
G31P Neo2-F / FP / FR     G31M3-F (FSB 1600)     G31M3-F V2 (3 Audio Ports) 
G31M4-L     G31M4-F       G31M3-F    
G31M3-L V2 / G31M3-LS V2  G31M2 V2     G31M2 V1    
<G33> G33M @     G33 Neo    
G33 Platinum    
<P31> P31 Neo         P31 Neo V2        
P31 Neo2        
<P35> P35 Neo     P35 Neo Combo    
P35 Neo2  @ P35 Neo2-FR / FIR P35 Platinum   @    
P35 Neo3     P35 Platinum Combo     P35D3 Platinum    
P35 Diamond        
Q35 Q35MDO Q35MDO V2


Intel 4 Series
<G41> G41M-P33 Combo G41M-P43 Combo    
G41M-P28     G41M-P26 G41M-P31
G41M-P35     G41M-P21     G41M-P23
G41M-P25     G41M-P33     G41M-P34    
G41M4-L/F G41M-E43     G41M-FD/FIDP    
G41TM-P31 G41TM-P33     G41TM-E63    
<G43> G43TM-E51 v1.1(FOR EUP)    G43TM-E51    
G43D3M Digital G43M2  
<G45> G45D3M Digital     G45M Digital    
G45M     G45M2      
<P41> P41-P33 P41-C31
P41-C33     P41T-C31 P41T-C33    
<P43> P43 Neo   @  P43 Neo3-F (PCB 1.0)  @    
P43 Neo3-F (PCB 1.1) P43 Neo3-FR (PCB 1.1)  
P43D3 Neo-F P43-C43     P43-C51  @    
P43-C53     P43T-C51   @  
<P45> P45 Neo  @     P45 Neo2  @    
P45 Neo2-FIR / 2FR     P45 Neo3-F (PCB 1.0)   P45 Neo3-F (PCB 1.1)
P45 Neo3-FR (PCB 1.0)    P45 Neo3-FR (PCB 1.1) P45 Neo3-FIR     
P45 Neo3 V2     P45D3 Neo-F     P45D3 Neo3-FI    
P45D3 Platinum     P45 Platinum / P45 Zilent     P45 Diamond    
P45-8D Memory Lover    P45C Neo-FIR     P45-C51
Q45 Q45MDO  


X38 & X48 chipset
<X38 & X48> X38 Platinum     X38 Diamond      
  X48 Platinum        X48C Platinum       


NV Series
P6NGM2-FI     P6NGM2-L     P6NGM-FD    
P6NGM-FIH     P6NGM-L     P6NG Neo    
P6NG Neo-Digital     P6N SLI Platinum      
P7NGM-Digital  @     P7N2 Diamond     P7N Diamond    

P7N SLI    

P7N SLI Platinum / P7N Zilent    



ASRock BIOS Upgrade Instruction click

965 Series
<P965> P5B-DE       P5B Pro    


3 Series
<G31> 4Core1333-GLAN/M       4Core1600-GLAN/M      
4Core1600-D800       4Core1600-DVI     G31M-VS      
G31M-VS2       G31M-S  @       G31M-S R2.0  
G31M-GS       G31M-GS R2.0   G31DE      
P31 / G31 4Core1333-GLAN       4Core1333-GLAN R2.0    
4Core1333-eSATA2       4Core1600-GLAN        
<P35> 4Core1600Twins-P35       4Core1600Twins-P35D      
4Core1600P35-WiFi       4Core1600P35-WiFi+        


4 Series
<G41> G41M-LE       G41M-LE/H     
G41MH-LE3         G41M-VS2      
G41M-VS3       G41M-VS3 R2.0       G41M-S   @      
G41M-GS       G41M-S3       G41M-GS3      
G41MH-GE       G41M-GE3       G41M-PS      
G41C-VS     G41C-S     G41C-GS    
P41C-DE     G41MH/USB3      G41MH/USB3 R2.0    

G41C-GS R2.0    

<G43> G43Twins-FullHD      
<P43> P43ME     P43C-ME    
P43DE   @     P43DE2     P43DE3L    
P43DE3     P43Twins1600   @     P43D1600Twins    
P43D1600Twins-1394     P43R1600Twins     P43R1600Twins-110dB    
P43R1600Twins-WiFi     P43 Pro/USB3     P43-iCafe(華擎戰地)    
<P45> P45DE     P45TS  @    
P45TS-R     P45TurboTwins2000     P45R2000    
P45R2000-WiFi     P45XE     P45XE-R    
P45XE-WiFiN     P45DE3     P45X3 Deluxe    


X38TurboTwins     X38TurboTwins-WiFi    
  X48TurboTwins     X48TurboTwins-WiFi    


NV Series
GeForce7050 /nForce610i N73V-S        
GeForce7100 /nForce630i 4CoreN73PV-HD720p R3.0 4CoreN73PV-HD720p R1.0     
NVIDIA 650i SLI Penryn1600SLI-110dB        
nForce 680i SLI Penryn1600SLIX3-WiFi        
nForce 740i SLI N7AD-SLI        



3 Series
G31/P31 G31MX-K  @       G31MV-K      
G31MG-S       G31AX-S         G31AX-K       
G31MXP      G31MXP-K       G31MX-K 2.0      
G31M       G31M-S       G31MX      
G31S       G31S-K       P31A-G      
G31MXP-K I7       P31A-S        
<G33> G33M       G33M-S      
<P35> P35A       P35A-S      
P35AP-S       MARS       P35AX-S      


4 Series
<G41> G41MX       G41MX-K      
G41S       G41S-k       G41MX 2.0      
G41MX-F 2.0       G41MX-K 2.0      G41M      
G41M-S       P41A-G       G41MXE   @     
G41MXP       G41AP       G41MXE-V      
G41MD      G41MD-V       P5A-i      
<G43> G43MX       G43MX-K      
<G45> G45M-S      G45M      
<P43> P43A-S      P43A     
P43AL-V       P43AP        
<P45> P45A-S       P45A      
P45AL-S      P45AL       ELA      


X38A      BLACKOPS     


NV Series
M7PMX-K     M7VMX-K      




  Only suggest install  95W TDP Xeon on BIOSTAR motherboard .
3 Series
G31/P31 G31-M7 TE  @     G31-M7G DVI    
G31-M7 OC     P31B-A7     G31E-M7      
G31M+     G31M     TG31-A7    
<P35> P35D2-A7     TP35D3-A7 Deluxe    
TP35D2-A7     TP35D2-A7 SE      


4 Series
<G41> G41D-M7       G41-M7 V6.x      
G41 DVI       G41D3G     G41D3  @    
G41 HD       P41D3      
G41D3+       G41D3G+       G41U3G      
  G41-M7 V7.x       T41-A7    
T41 HD        
<P43> P43-A7       P43B-A7 (95w limited)     
P43D3 (95w limited)      P43C-A7 (95w limited)      P43D3+ (95w limited)     
TP43 HP       TP43D2-A7       TP43E XE      
TP43E Combo       TP43E3 XE       
<p45> TP45 HP     TP45D2-A7      
TP45E XE       TP45E Combo     TPower I45      



Intel & NV Series


MG-61MI-7059     MG-63MI-7109    
MG-63MI-7159     MG-630I-7109         MI-9300-7AS9      
MB-750I-72P9     MB-N680-ILT9     MB-N680-ISH9      

nForce 650i SLI      

nForce 680i SLI       nForce 680i LT SLI      

nForce 780i 3-Way SLI    

nForce 790i 3-Way SLI        


NV Series

EVGA e-7050/610i    

EVGA 7150/630i(112-CK-NF77) EVGA nForce 650i Ultra    
EVGA nForce 680i LT SLI     EVGA nForce 680i SLI & nForce 680i SE SLI    
EVGA nForce 730i      EVGA nForce 750i SLI     EVGA nForce 750i SLI FTW    
EVGA nForce 780i SLI     EVGA nForce 790i SLI FTW Digital PWM    

EVGA nForce 790i Ultra SLI  

EVGA 780i SLI FTW   @    



Intel series
<G41> LANPARTY BI G41-T33     LANPARTY BI G41-T33B   
<P35> LANPARTY DK P35-T2       LANPARTY LT P35-T2R      
LANPARTY UT P35-T2       LANPARTY UT P35-T2R        


LANPARTY BI P43-T34      


BI P45-T2RS      BI P45-T2RS Elite      

BI P45-T2S Elite     

DK P45-T2RS Elite      DK P45-T2RS PLUS      

DK P45-T2RS Turbo      

DK P45-T2RS      

JR P45-T2RS      

UT P45-T2RS       UT P45-T3RS      

HYBRID P45 ION-T2A2      

DK P45-T3RSB PLUS      


NV Series

JR GF9400-T2RS      




Intel series
<P35> C.P35 X7 Ver2.0       C.P35 X3 Ver2.0      
  C.P35 Ver2.1        




P45K D3 V21(95w limited)     C.P45K X3 D3超频版 V21(95w limited)   
  C.P45 X5 D3超频版 V21